Who’s That Girl?

Check out that girl you pass in the hallway often. That’s her, walking out of English B-12, water bottle in one hand, book bag in the other. Inside is her daily life, her hardships, and heart.  The stray papers – all wrinkled and torn. The journal she pours her soul into every day. The squashed lunch she made so carefully for herself and her siblings. Her long sleeves hide the bruises, now black and blue, on her.

Who is she? She’s the girl no one notices. She feels like no one cares, and fends for herself. There might be one or two people who wonder about her, but no one knows her secret. Teachers watch her, worried about her schoolwork. They can’t submit an abuse report without evidence, and she doesn’t give them any. Students gossip about her, telling terrible lies and mocking her quiet ways.

Bruised and broken, that’s her. She doesn’t trust anyone, stays away from those who get close. Every time a hand is raised, she expects a slap, a punch, in the familiar pattern she knows. She hurries home, afraid, but she knows she has to go protect her siblings.

Hate wells up within her, and she is furious at the world. One day, she will snap, and everyone will be sorry they ignored her, that they mocked her, that they didn’t notice the signs sooner. By then, it’ll be too late.

Who is this girl? Is she someone in your town? Your school? Your classroom? Where is she now? What will she be like in the future? No one knows for sure. But she is the one you should befriend.

*Note from the author: This story is purely fictional. I did not mention anyone specifically or have a certain person in mind. If this story offends you in anyway, please, tell me, and I will change it.


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