Friends From College

All my friends from college! I will always have these memories! (unless I get Alzheimers)

Jeremiah – The Destroyer of the Triumvirate

Joesph – The Partier

Chris – Chipmunk Bait

Janice – Twister Champion

Ana – Miss I Can Swing My Leg 360 Degrees

Renya – The Quiet, but Secretly Evil One

Brandi – The One with a Giant Phone and Cute Glasses

Lolli – Has a Mustache Necklace

Hannah – The Photographer

Joshua – Who Actually Has a Personal Bubble

Santana – Water Gun Buyer

Augustine – Aaron In Disguise, Super Funny

Marisa – The Funny One

Heather – The Actress

Jordyn – The Texter

Shy – The Singer and Fashionista

Kendall – The Sheet Taper, the brains of the triumvirate ( 😉 )

Rachel – The Cake Eater, Secretly Old Giggler (cane! 😉 )

Uncle Sam – Hair Band Worthy, Visor Fashionisto




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