About the Author

I am a writer, a singer, a lunatic, a daughter, a friend, and a Mormon. When I write, I’m in control, and it’s my world. Writing is one of my talents, and I always look for ways to try to improve. Others know speak my mind.  If I don’t say anything, I have nothing nice to say. Yes, I follow that rule. I’m bad at sports, my body isn’t perfect, and I have blonde moments. Yet, through all this, I’m still me and nobody else.

I was born in Aurora, and lived in a small apartment. We moved to a townhouse in Lochbuie when I was 3, just before my brother was born. Four years ago, we moved to Fort Lupton. Everyone says it is super ghetto, but I love it there. Life has been good for me and I hope it stays that way.

I like everyone I meet, but not everyone I meet likes me. I try to play nice, but I don’t lie. Friends can accept me and I’ll accept them as family. Anyone can tell I am cl0se to my pals.

I started writing at a normal age. After I learned my alphabet, I started learning words like any other child. Around fifth grade, I found novels. As soon as I started devouring those, I discovered writing.

After reading this, you know about me. What about you?


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