Friends From College

All my friends from college! I will always have these memories! (unless I get Alzheimers)

Jeremiah – The Destroyer of the Triumvirate

Joesph – The Partier

Chris – Chipmunk Bait

Janice – Twister Champion

Ana – Miss I Can Swing My Leg 360 Degrees

Renya – The Quiet, but Secretly Evil One

Brandi – The One with a Giant Phone and Cute Glasses

Lolli – Has a Mustache Necklace

Hannah – The Photographer

Joshua – Who Actually Has a Personal Bubble

Santana – Water Gun Buyer

Augustine – Aaron In Disguise, Super Funny

Marisa – The Funny One

Heather – The Actress

Jordyn – The Texter

Shy – The Singer and Fashionista

Kendall – The Sheet Taper, the brains of the triumvirate ( 😉 )

Rachel – The Cake Eater, Secretly Old Giggler (cane! 😉 )

Uncle Sam – Hair Band Worthy, Visor Fashionisto




Leaving a place is always hard, as is leaving family, close friends, or anything familiar. Today I’m leaving CSU. I have made so many friends in this program, and I will miss them all. We have traveled from all over the state to participate in something special, almost magical. From as far away as Cortez to as close as Fort Lupton, we have all come together to write. And we all have shared our passion for journalism, photography, and videography. We have learned what we need to know to become the next generation’s media outlet. Now, we are leaving. Everything we shared will be whisked away in the moments of time. Hopefully we can still connect with the wonders of technology. I know I will try hard not to forget the people I met here. People just like me. People with a voice, and a story to tell. Someday we can look back on these days as the minutes where we learned the most. We learned how to make ourselves writers. This may be an end, but it is also a beginning.

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Being at CSU

I’m here at CSU, learning how to make a website. Here I have friends who are smart, funny, and great writers. The college mentors are fun to be around and I’m learning lots!

Hello world!

Why am I blogging? Because I have a voice. America has so much freedom, and I am so thankful for that. I like speaking my mind and using my energy. So here I am!


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